Honey Maker Farm

Honey Maker Farm is a family owned and operated small farm apiary in North Carolina producing local fresh honey.  We do not treat, heat, blend, nor add anything to our honey.  We believe the bees make it perfect the first time and nothing else is needed nor allowed.  We pride ourselves on selling only the purest seasonal wildflower honey from the trees and flowers on our farm.  Quantity is always limited and dependent upon weather, blooming season, and of course the mood of the bees.

2018 was  a busy year!  We lost hives last winter  into the Spring but had many swarms and managed to get our numbers back to almost what they were before.  We took some  honey from our biggest hives and left the smaller newer ones without disturbance.  It was naturally not as much honey as we would've liked but it was enough for our local friends and supporters.  We are blessed to have a group of devoted and helpful supporters who keep our bees in solid homes and with food for the winter each year.  All is becoming quiet in the apiary now after we fed the bees around 300 pounds of sugar syrup to store for use during the upcoming season.  We'll keep our antennae crossed for luck that they are all in good shape next Spring.

(Oh - be sure and see our page on using pesticides before spraying your plants this Spring!)

This website contains information about us, our farm, our bees, and our honeys.  If you have questions, want to purchase some of our honey, or just want to talk about honey bees contact us through our email on our "contact us" page.
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