Honey Maker Farm

Honey Maker Farm is a family owned and operated small farm apiary in North Carolina producing local fresh honey.  We do not treat, heat, blend, nor add anything to our honey.  We believe the bees make it perfect the first time and nothing else is needed nor allowed.  We pride ourselves on selling only the purest seasonal wildflower honey from the trees and flowers on our farm.  Quantity is always limited and dependent upon weather, blooming season, and of course the mood of the bees.

2019 has begun!  The bees are out in full force after being given sugar syrup to get through some pretty foul weather (both cold snaps as well as really wet periods and one hurricane).  We have been into some of our busier hives and they look good for this time of year.  There is worker brood with dark brown cappings (so they should be hatching soon) but we have not looked for eggs as of yet.  It is too cold to split the hives up just to salve our curiosity, and with swarm season coming up we should know pretty soon how the queens are doing.  We are hopeful, and thankful, that our ladies will do well this year.  I have a project of planting a dense and varied wildflower patch for them (OK ... it's for me, too!) so they can have lots of different pollens to choose from.  A bee smorgasbord!

We will keep our fingers crossed for a good 2019!

(Oh - be sure and see our page on using pesticides before spraying your plants this Spring!)

This website contains information about us, our farm, our bees, and our honeys.  If you have questions, want to purchase some of our honey, or just want to talk about honey bees contact us through our email on our "contact us" page.
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