Honey Maker Farm

Honey Maker Farm is a family owned and operated small farm apiary in North Carolina producing local fresh honey.  We do not treat, heat, blend, nor add anything to our honey.  We believe the bees make it perfect the first time and nothing else is needed nor allowed.  We pride ourselves on selling only the purest seasonal wildflower honey from the trees and flowers on our farm.  Quantity is always limited and dependent upon weather, blooming season, and of course the mood of the bees.

COLD! COLD! COLD! The blooming apricots I have provided are all in bloom (very pretty) but there are too few days of warmth and dry weather for the bees to take the winter pollen from them.  Either it's too cold to fly or else the rain has washed the pollen off.  We do have some winter honeysuckle that is blooming really well and smells wonderful ... both to us as well as to the bees. I guess it's time to start thinking about feeding and buying some bulk cane sugar to use a a starter in a few weeks.  For now the bees are still all buttoned-up for winter and are living off their winter allotment of sugar to hopefully get them through these cold months.  We know they are in there because we see them at the opening of every hive on any day with an hour or two of warm sunshine. Covers are on and bottom boards are all blocked so the warmth stays in (at least somewhat).  Mouse guards are in place and our farm cats remain on guard!  Not much left to do until March when we see how many hives make it through the winter and decide to multiply - and then comes swarm season!.   For now all is quiet ... all is calm.

We will keep our fingers crossed for a warm winter that leads to a good 2021 spring and summer!

(Oh - be sure and see our page on using pesticides before spraying your plants ... especially in the Spring and Summer!)

This website contains information about us, our farm, our bees, and our honeys.  If you have questions, want to purchase some of our honey, or just want to talk about honey bees contact us through our email on our "contact us" page.
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